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By occupation I am a driver and I have to spend behind the wheel for 10-12 hours. For many years I worried about the pain in the neck (cervical osteochondrosis). I tried to treat it through various means: ointments, injections, pills. But nothing helped. It came to the fact that there was a question about surgical intervention. However, on the advice of my friend I made an appointment to the same doctor, which was not observed previously.

The doctor examined my history and advised me to buy nano-gel vs degenerative disc disease, arthritis and injuries Artrotok.

At first I did not believe that this inexpensive tool will be able to cope with my problem, but my wife convinced me to try and booked me for 2 packages. I learned a lot of information on this drug, read a lot of reviews.

The pros that I have noted

Quite a serious composition. There collagen, artichoke, calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin D. the Gel heals damaged areas, return elasticity to the tendons, strengthen the bones and tissue, reduce pain, inflammation, swelling.

Action Artrotokmy experience of using


In the instructions it shows how to use the gel: it must be applied in a gentle massaging circular movements. I used the gel every day for a month. After a few days I began to notice that the pain in the neck began to decrease, and after a couple weeks of use and altogether they disappeared. I was very glad that the drug helped me. And decided to order more. For the price it was very profitable because got to share. With delivery also no problems there.


Can I recommend this gel? Yes, with confidence on 100%. In fact, the tool proved to be effective. Relief came after a few times of applications. Importantly do not forget to have an active lifestyle. And drug and gymnastics will do the trick!