Usage instructions Artrotok

How and when to apply Artrotok

Artrotok is a natural drug used in the treatment of arthritis and injuries. In Spain – is the most effective method of treatment of diseases associated with joints and spine. Quickly relieves pain, tension, and compensates the deficiency of nutrients in the tissues.

Indications and contraindications

Usage instructions

Do not delay treatment. Even at the first signs and motility disorders of the hands, presence of back pain or joint pain, you need to hurry. Nano-gel vs degenerative disc disease, arthritis and injuries innovative developments are prescribed for:

  • pain in the toes or fingers;
  • back pain;
  • swelling in the joints;
  • stiffness in the morning.

Nano-gel osteochondrosis unique in that it has no contraindications and side effects. This is extremely important for the elderly. The application may be restricted only in the case if the exposed individual intolerance to any component of this drug.

How to use gel "Artrotok"

Manual application is extremely simple. However, it is worth exploring carefully. The sequence of actions should be as follows:

  1. The gel is applied and massaged on painful areas.
  2. The drug is rubbed in for 5 minutes.
  3. The gel is used morning and evening.
  4. The course of treatment is 14-30 days.

The volume of the container is 30 ml. Capacity has a convenient dispenser, which implies it is the economical consumption of the drug.